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Professional Beauty & Special Effects Makeup Artist Services.
Based in Los Angeles and available to travel worldwide. 

Embry Blue is gifted in bringing unique creative magic to the exciting world of transformational makeup artistry. 
She passionately takes on the most ambitious projects and delivers amazing results.


She credits the originality of her approach to makeup artistry to her work as a painter and doll-maker and her process mindset is to view a subject's face and body just as she would view that of a canvas or sculpture, thereby makeup is a method with which Embry Blue forms living works of art. 

Specialized experience in crafting looks for models and performers for large-scale themed events in which Embry Blue brings her all-star team of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists together to make the vision come alive. 

Clients include artists, performers, event planners, models, actors, film makers, fashion designers, bands and musicians, costume designers, jewelry designers and private clients. 

Passionate, diligent and caring with a talent for transforming each client into their wildest dreams, Embry Blue is a creative professional you will love working with.




Instagram: @embrybluemakeup


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Embry Blue is an LA-based makeup artist.

A multi-media artist at heart obsessed with the potential to transmute any material into a new piece or any human into a new being.

With a heavy background in fine art and painting, she has a very developed and detailed eye for any vision you may have dreamed of or may have been inspired by. 


Her excitement and passion for creative transformation combined with original techniques will take you to the next level. With precision and professionalism, every client is important and every makeup transformation is art itself and a way for you to experience your own magic!


Come away with me!



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