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Mobile Make Up Services

Available Across Central L.A.

Welcome to the Halloween season of my website! 

Every Halloween is an opportunity to create unique and adventurous makeup for the client who wants more than basic Halloween flare. Looking for something more detailed and drawn with care and perfection? You have come to the right corner of the internet. I specialize in creating looks based off of the individual. Because we are late in the season with our preparations, I can offer looks using makeup and  build up latex/silcone for looks. (During other times, I can mold and sculpt designs for you.) Check out my sculptures and Ooak Doll Art pieces here... EmbryBlueDollsandCreatures



If you are anything like me, and allowed the time to bite you in the butt. Realizing that Halloween is right around the corner!?. Have no fear, I am still booking! For me Halloween is fun, it is about bringing out a new piece of yourself to the public. Find out what it's like to live on the other side. I enjoy bringing the gift of transformation to each and every person. Let's do this! HALLOWEEN 2018 -- Here we come! 


No time to waste. Embry Blue is now booking for HALLOWEEN !

Past Client Work.....

Fantasy Inspiration.....

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